Last night I had a dream. It was both terrifying and beautiful all at once. How can these descriptive words end up in the same sentence? By Faith. By faith we can look at circumstances which cry out "DOOM AND GLOOM" and quiet our souls. Like a Mother to a newborn we can say to ourselves, "It's OK, everything WILL be OK." and somehow we know it will.

But the faith of this here Brooklyn Mommy does not hold a candle to to some people I love and have grown in awe of. The faith that my husband Joe has, for example, often has me floored, or as we like to slightly mispronounce it in "Brooklynese," "FLAWD!"

Here's my beautiful terrifying dream. Joey and I and our newborn are driving on a scenic tour through Jamaica or some breathtaking Island- maybe Fiji or somewhere in the Caribbean. From a far, we see the entire Island overtaken by the waves of the greenish sea and the people are screaming and crying for help.

The bus driver stops the bus on the highest mountainous part of the route and says something to the extent of, "Folks, THIS is where our ride ends. There is nothing we can do now." Joey and I and Baby Micah step off the bus, stand on the mountain, and are all in a husband-lead huddle quite terrified. I gaze upon my newborn with tears of grief knowing he'll never see the world I once grew to love and know.

The brightest noonday smile appears on Joey's face looking up to the sky, to God and to creation. With faith & joy greater than any I have ever seen, Joe says, "Guys, we're going to close our eyes now. We're going to wake up and we're going to see the Lord right now (face to face. In my dream, I felt at peace with going HOME to God, to Yeshua to my next life. But I could not take hold of letting go of this newborn babe God has so recently placed in my arms.

Holding the baby higher and higher towards the sky with my arms outstretched, the waves began to cover my waste, my shoulders, my face, until I could no longer save the baby boy. The reassuring thought came to me that Bella was home with family who would care for her. We all closed our eyes and went home, under the sea, over the rainbow and into the arms of a most Holy, loving God whose ways and thoughts we do not always understand. But we trust. We trust THAT life, the next life is better than this one- way better- with no crying, no tears, no injury, abuse, aids, violence and condemnation.

Waking up this morning, I told my husband that I think his faith is AMAZING. Of course, he humbly and jokingly berated himself, saying he'd probably be just as terrified. But I knew he was just trying to be humble and sweet and silly. Because I know Joe and I know he survived losing his first wife. And I know he has survived a great deal more with great faith ) even in hard times.

Yes, he's had his share of pity parties he's admitted to (like all of us). But they beauty of his walk with the Lord is that even those pity fits lead to regret and repentance and a closer walk with God. (Romans 3:23 tells us that we all fall short of the glory of God.

That's why I ask the Lord today for faith that is amazing. Faith that is supernatural which does not come from within me but from the skies. (the heavenlies) I pray disaster not strike me before I have faith that is amazing. Will you pray that kind of radical prayer with me? Say it now with me if you dare, "Let not disaster strike me, before I have faith that is amazing and a passion in my relationship with you Lord."


This blog was inspired by my loving husband, Joe Franco and his mother, Millie, who always stood out to me as a woman with faith that is amazing.



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