Michelle Gold "WHO WILL GO?" Running Time: 43 Minutes  l  Release Date: 2014  l  Song Lyrics
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Music described as "Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman meet Yeshua in Jerusalem.

Michelle Gold "Esther's Prayer" (Tender Shoot Films)
Single Song Release  l  Running Time: Approx 4 min.
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Michelle Gold "Quien Ira?" 
Running Time: 41:09  l  Release Date: 2019  l  Song Lyrics
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Michelle Gold "You Know Me" (Tovah Records)
Running Time: 41:09  l  Release Date: 2005  l  Song Lyrics
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The Liberated Wailing Wall "Never Forget" (Jews For Jesus) Release Date: 2006
*Michelle Gold toured with this group throughout the U.S., Europe & Israel

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Delivered electronically to your laptop or device I Music Autobiography includes individual and group reflections
Pages including photos: 222  l  Release Date: 2016  l  Language: English

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Reviews for Who Will Go? Album

Alyse Merritt has commented on the E-Book above so I thought I'd include it here.

"WARNING: Reading this book may lead to side effects such as inexplicable joy, outbursts of happiness, sudden inner peace and finding new treasures in your walk with God! "

Alyse Merritt


"Like I've said before, "Michelle Gold is contagious, and there is NO cure, and there needs to be NO cure"

You are My Dear Sister in Messiah


"As I’m writing this email, I’m playing your new CD...WOW!
Really great stuff.  The arrangements, the singing, the overall feel is phenomenal.
I love feeling totally immersed in the Israeli textures.
This is a major achievement!"

Jon Gauger

I'm so proud of you, Michelle...You are such a powerhouse for Him!  I'm saving my extra copy for just the right person.  Its still in the packaging, but I have to tell you; I am already wearing out my personal copy!  We listened to it on the way home from a bat mitzvah today, my daughter and I. 

Michaela is 16 and loves all kinds of music, but If (music) it doesn't sound "cool", she moves on.  She loved the CD!  Good job!  Yasher koach!  We both enjoy listening to your amazing vocals and I think "The Prayer" is shear genius!

Corry Bell
Lev Shelo Ministries


"Michelle's "Who Will Go?" CD is an amazing spirit-filled tool going into the homes of families and children. You never know how it will affect future generations"

(anonymous, missionary with Chosen People Ministries, Israel)