You are a celebrity!

Based on my song, "City Of Delight" (michelle gold and Alyse Merritt)

So I called Applecare tonight and got to speaking to this person who helped me above and beyond my expectations. While waiting for my Mac to start and open in safemode for our session, we began to politely chat as is customary for longer waiting periods. "So, you mentioned you are a singer," he said.

As I began to tell him that I have been honored to sing in many different countries except for some of the beautiful Asian countries I long to visit one day, he exclaimed, "YOU ARE A CELEBRTY!"

I thanked him humbly for saying so but of course objected. "Well, within my genre of music, perhaps I am known a little but I am certainly not famous. "However, IN GOD'S EYES, I AM and you KNOW YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!" I responded joyfully.  "I love Sarah Brightman, " he said. "I know I will love your music as well and if you ever do a concert in my area of Singapore, I WILL BE THERE," he assured me, even after I tried to burst his bubble about who I really was or am. 

Which brings me to this inspirational today. Maybe, like me, you've never been famous though you are a hard worker, fervent and full of zeal. Perhaps you have cccomplished so much but only behind the scenes. Or maybe someone has copied all of your ideas and taken all the credit. Sometimes, all that glitters is NOT gold and others around you who are less trained might be more exalted or celebrated. 

But what does God say about you? Yeshua (Jesus) says you are a gem in His hands. You are a crown of splendor. As a groom rejoices over his bride, HE rejoices over YOU and ME! (See Isaiah 62) We are royalty- a chosen generation, a royal priesthood that we may proclaim the praises for Him who brought us out of darkness into his awesome light (See I Peter 2:9). We are daughters of Zion (Isaiah 62:11), sons of the King, mighty warriors (Psalms 18:39) and we exist to celebrate the Lord OUR God and guess what? He created us to be celebrated by Him. The spiritual relationship we have with God has made us a celebrity in His eyes! 



What do you imagine when you think of yourself as royalty in God's eyes? 

Who or what in your life makes you think any differently?

In what specific ways can  the Lord help you to overcome/heal/be released from this person place or thing blinding you to to  who and whose you really are?



Abba Father, I thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in YOUR IMAGE. I am yours and you are mine. Thank you that your love for me is everlasting, not based on feelings, or things that fade. Help me to know how precious I am to You so that I can make a powerful, joyful impact on everyone who surrounds me today and forever. Amen.

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