"But Messiah is faithful over God’s house as a son. And we are his house if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope" (Hebrews 3:6)

Our family just began building this CRRRRRRRRRRAZY difficult tiny sized Lego house and it was so intricate and so detailed and yet so awesome looking on the cover of the box. But it was tedious and I couldnt wait to finish it. After a total of an hour, we barely built the front side and we were pooped. It was tons of work but I figure when it's all done, my daughter and I and my husband, Will be able to say that we are it's BUILDERS.

It's an amazing feeling to BUILD something beautiful and not only for the sake of beauty but for the sake of making an impact on the lives of others. How Proud it makes us to be builders in this life.  This all reminds me of this scripture above, Hebrews 3:6 I pray my sharing from the heart here could lift YOU up today in case if youve forgotten how beautiful and important you really are. I know I forget sometimes. I needed to be reminded.

Speaking of BUILDERS & HOUSES, a song comes to mind--- this old 70's song, SHE'S A BRICK HOUSE!!!!!" I can hear it in my head from all my years of loving disco. The lyrics of the song praise a woman who is tough and strong like a  brick house- indestructable it seems. she's also praised for being a little too vuluptious and and in my opinion, it never did me ANY GOOD AT ALL for "letting it all hang out." Maybe when I used to like that song, I didnt know I was holy and precious unto God. I've learned the hard way (when I was a teen & got hurt so many ways) that I dont need to let it all hang out but I can still be tough and beautiful, marked by His beauty and His presence and even His toughness. 

Unholy as Brick House words may be, this all reminds me to that we need to be living IN the Lord bec. We am BUILT by Him, the MASTER BUILDER!!! CELEBRATE!

Hebrews 3:6 tells me that I am and that YOU ARE HIS HOUSE!! BETTER than anything ever built by any MAN! WOW! When we make a decision to love Him & follow Him with all that is within us, we are IN HIS HOUSE, OF HIS HOUSE, WE ARE HIS HOUSE!!!!!!!! COOOOOOOOOOOL! now THAT is impressive.

But remember there is one condition. Scholars correct me if Im wrong...we are only God's house IF we keep confident and boast about His awesomeness & His promises of forgiveness and heaven and I could go on...our hope. I remind myself that boasting about God is not just soemthing I do in word but that we must boast about God's love thru DEED/ACTION.

Let's grab on to that confidence once again people. Let's Take hold of it and begin to boast again about OUR GOD- MY GOD- and how he brought our "used to be" DEAD body soul and spirit BACK TO LIFE.

(another old dance song comes to mind..."back to life, back to reality"--- but the reality is not the song, the reality is that HE IS GOD AND WE ARE HIS!)

Now, for your confidence, let's ponder how beautiful you truly are. Think of the most beautiful house or building you have ever seen in France, or in Italy or Denmark or maybe right here in your home state. My sis in law just told me about a HUGE house in Brooklyn that a pool in the backyard the length of SIX houses purchased by the owner for his entire family. She said it was like a glorified RESORT or like a SPA hiding  in the middle of 86th Street in Brooklyn! YOU are way more incredible, wonderful, beautiful that that. You have the living water of God flowing thru you! The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are God's royalty.

Say aloud today "I am God's house and He is my builder and my maker." Nothing he makes is junk, nothing he makes is purposeless, spiritless, ugly, numb, or dumb. Let us stand tall today and remember WHO we serve, who we are and whose we are - WE KNOW THE BUILDER & WE R CUSTOM MADE BY HIM for the world to see that HE is ANSWER to every search & every question there will ever be.


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