WHY NOT BE STUBBORNLY CONTENT...esp. this Holiday Season?

"You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing." Psalm 145:16

This holiday season especially, are we making it our mission to be STUBBORNLY CONTENT no matter what the world tries to sell us, tell us and no matter what fancy things compell us? I remind myself that my inheritance is in heaven and though nice stuff is cool, it doesnt cool down my desire for more stuff! LOL! Im speaking in circles!  Or as Dave Ramsey's daugter says (my new favorite & best selling author) "We own stuff but stuff doesn't own us."

Besides, we got the "bestEST" "Stuff" in the world, you and me: We've got the Holy Spirit abiding in little old us, the promise of a better life to come,
and at the risk of sounding like a hippy, we got love! If we got love, and we give love, perhaps we wont need all that other stuff. I make it my positive
challange & goal everyday to put the computer down and RECEIVE that love from my family at set times in my day though I enjoy connecting online too!

My prayer is,(though gramatically nonsensical) 

Lord, make me stubbornly content this holiday season! I refuse to base my happiness on the temporary.
ETERNAL focus is what I need. Let me realize and recall Lord that if this THING/This stuff I've got my heart set is so urgent, then YOU, God already know I need it
and I will believe You to provide. Lord help me remember to take the time to sit or mediate in Your presence which is more precious than gold."

LOVE YOUZ!! Happy Holidays in advance in case I forget to write again soon and get too caught up in all the marshmellows, menoras, cuddling & fun! hee hee

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