Saying "JUST"... Danger or Blessing?

"Therefore submit to God. But resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you..." James 4:8

Completing an exciting and important project with a lot of detail always requires "just" a little bit more. Laughing with my friends, I sometimes joike about how the word "just" can be my greatest downfall. Perhaps it's 2AM in the morning and a music project is almost done or a web design or a blog or even a book, and I'll tell myself, JUST 1 more minute.

Well, you know how the story more minute usually leads to an hour. And than, after you fix the one error you JUST had to fix, there's often more stuff to repair or you're having fun and wanna keep going! We could safely say JUST and never sleep because of the many great projects which need to be tweaked here and there. Even years after being published, we could find mistakes or invent an upgrade because we are imperfect human in an ever changing world...Theres always more!

But "JUST" can be a blessing too! If we JUST keep falling in love with the Lord and getting to know His love a little bit more, there is also ALWAYS MORE! We think we know Him and we think we know ourselves. One prayer, one great book, one conversation... and we realize, Oh my! There's MORE for me to learn and so much more grace and love for me to receive that I have not known before!

As we perfect ourselves in our hopes of improvement and allow God to perfect our journey, dreams and character, we find THERE IS MORE love, counsel, wisdom and healing from the God of heaven and earth. Let's TAKE IT IN. Receive it humbly and willingly so we may be empowered to Be all we can be.

The windows of heaven open up now and we say aloud, "Lord, I know there's always more of your love so here I am, I receive."



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