"I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night." For complete scripture, click here.

Blessings! Michelle Gold here.

Today I got an email from a friend or fan of mine in Germany who I look up to a great deal. I was so impressed by the words of wisdom and encouragement he shared regarding making a difference and sharing a message as a friend or even as an artist . musician with a message of hope.  Just HAD to share it with you.

I feel what he said is applicable to our lives as we sing for the Lord and draw His people to Him during a song or even after a concert. ENJOY this brief word...

"Two people thanked me yesterday after praying the salvation prayer...And I thought, we are really like postmen: delivering a special registered mail, that requires a signature of acceptance and receipt!

We have not paid their sins, gone all the way, most often we have only interceded some spare minutes etc etc our works are light and futile, useless slaves. But HE, He has taken the unmeasurable burden of all generations...I find no words powerful enough to describe...

He has in His great love given us this glorious task to convey that good news and hand out and explain that glorious mail letter. Some will take it and open it and some will grow into joyous servants of the King."

12-step / Overcomer's Perspective

All this postman talk is another reminder of how valuable you and I are to our God, the Lord. Also a reminder of how the work is done THROUGH HIM, His love and power, and by His RUACH HA KODESH (His Holy Spirit) and not through our own strength alone. All we have to do is show up and LOVE God and love His people and open our mouths to share. We can also pray for love when we don't have it. We have been posted by God.

Messianic Perspective

Jerusalem, my Jewish people need postmen like you and me to knock on the doors of their walls, their hearts! Many teach that my Jewish people are hopeless because we have turned away. Not tue. God is married to his chosen people.& has not rejected us who do not yet believe in Yeshua (Romans 11:1) We have NOT stumbled so as to fall "beyond recovery" or beyond believing, as some might teach.

In fact, Sharing your message of Messiah to my people will make you rich in spirit. Some even teach that my Jewish people have an auto. pass to heaven without Messiah. Not true. Messiah gave his life as atonement for us ALL. So why not share the good news with your Jewish friends in love and with confidence? Just be a postman! **

Let's Pray

Yeshua, Lord, I want to be a postman for you delivering your most wonderful message of hope. Give me urgency and excitement. Help me to not be silent and to not close my eyes no matter how I feel. Make me your messenger and peace ambassador. Amen.

Short note to you who wants to be a postman today to your Jewish friend: Please note that contrary to popular opinion, a Jewish person CAN still be Jewish and believe in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) . Yeshua Himself was Jewish and all the first believers were too! It's great to know that we like to call Jesus, "Messiah" or "Yeshua" because years ago, in the Holocaust, some killed in the name of Jesus.

Thankfully, we are very certain that those people were not real believers because real believers would never kill! But because of this great tragedy, some of my people prefer the Hebrew name for Jesus (Yeshua), and prefer "Messiah" instead of "Christ." Same meaning, but more truthful to use the Hebrew names I think.

Hope you are inspired. So please Mr/Mrs. Postman...LOL

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