Wanted: Vessels of mercy with spiritual urgency

Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.
Romans 13:11 ESV 

WOW Moment...An American Idol contestant was told to sing with more urgency tonite..and just think...she was singing about a loved one. I sing & we live for the Lord. How much more do we who represent the God who heals need to be filled with urgency.

Now of course, we all have tired days and discouraging days and times of grief and pain and you name it. We all have financial stress from time to time and family stress even when we are good parents. We have ambition and wants and needs and desires that if left untamed, could consume us.

But the question is, will we allow that stuff to strip us of our need for more of God in our lives? Or will we allow those stresses and longings and disappoinemtnts to pull us upstream towards His well? His water is living water and He satisfiies. So why deny we need to be lifted up in our spirits and why settle for complacently letting life pass us by?

There are too many people dying and lives at stake for us to "chillax" in the spirit. In the flesh, yes, sometimes we need a day of loathing, to kick back and relax and let it all go. But in the spirit, NO! In the spirit, let us rise up and fight the fight to the finish line of our faith. As the group Mary-Mary says in their song, we "gotta do it big." Let's be flled with urgency about spiritual things: about being a light and about wanting more of God.

Let's ask God to fill us with urgency before disaster strikes, while it's still calm and uneventful. So that when hard times come, we will conquer the enemy. After all, The same power that raised Yeshua from the grave lives in us when we believe. Amen!

"URGENCY, Lord, fill us with urgency and let not disaster strike before we seek your face. Your love and power is the fuel we need."

More scriptures about Urgency

"Something Bigger" by Mary-Mary

Why you mad at me cause I wanna do it big 
Don't think I'm unplugged and I'm disconnected 
Cause I didn't do what ya'll expected 
I ain't never thought small, cause my brain's colossal 
When you gon' find out, you can do it if you want to 

Pull up the New Text, click John 14 
I can do great things cause of God in me 
If God's in me, why I gotta think small 
Now you know that don't make no sense at all 
I'm in the image of the greatest, why I gotta defend 
Why I wanna do it, wanna do it, wanna do it big 


La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaah, aaaah 

Can't keep it in a box cause it just don't fit 
My God, he's bigger than just music 
I can take it to the church where my people go 
I can take it to the people that just don't know 
can take it to the people that feel real low 
To the poor, to the rich, to the CEO 

(Yeah) He knows who you are 
Who you're not, what you got, when it's all gon' stop 

(Yeah) He can make you larger 
Change your life and take you farther 
It ain't not limit cause this world is his 
So you got to do it, got to do it, got to do it big 

Nobody plans to be a loser 
Nobody tries for second place 
Nothing's wrong with second place, but 
Why stop at the ceiling when God showed me the sky 
Why get on the airplane if I'm too scared to fly 
Why am I goin' to the battle if I don't wanna fight 
I'm goin' for the gold 

Got to be incredible, oh oh 

[Repeat 4x] 
Got to do it, got to do it big, big 
I got to, I got to, got to do it big 

La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaah, aaaah


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