The greatest temptation 4 the New Year?

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness" (1 john 1:9) 
"So let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we don’t give up." (Galations 6:9)


So each day I live, I see temptation and each season is different. Some seasons, temptation is minor and during other seasons, when surrounded by God fearing folks who love and adore God and who love me, I overcome. Im an overcomer and never been fond of the itty bitty negative committee (in my head) nor have I been fond of the great big pity party. Im not a fan of the victum mentality. But I am a fan of confession as God's power conquers the greatest temptations. 

But What is really the greatest temptation, I've been wondering? Could it be APATHY, the sin of it not feeling so easy to care?

Ive been wondering if the worst temptation in the world could be apathy or cynisism. If the enemy who hates God and hates hope and hates life can convince you and me that nothing matters, then we are temoted to give up. We are tempted to pretend we care and take a back seat on being active and forsake seeking justice and stop persistance in doing what's right to heal our lives, our families. If we STOP believing, how can we be a conduit of hope and healing the world or even to one lost soul, one soul who has given up?

If we STOP BELIEVEING and we STOP hoping, what are we left with? unlimited and ongoing feasts of Bon bons, icecream, lawlessness and a heart attack? If we STOP loving or limit our belief in loving the unlovable, we become emotionally constipated, a complete turn off to the world. If we hide our love under a bushel and keep our faith in a box, what treasures can we share?

If we STOP believing that with God, all things are possible and if we stop believing the scripture that says GOD WORKS ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD, If we base our happieness on man made things rather than God shaped hope, life becomes meaningless. All this lack of hope- this apathy - this emotional unavailabity or refusal to believe in good things to come is Spirutal death. It's like shutting off the lights.

When and if we ever feel like this. my friends, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! We need Holy ER.  If the lights are off or the bulb is out, it's time to ask God to turn those lights back on. This is spiritual warfare or we will die in the darkness.

Avinu Malcheinu, this year, help me to expose the true enemy of my soul- APATHY. Help me to turn to you God to give me or keep my sometimes rare childlike faith. And may I ask YOU to make me keep on believing and to help me to keep hoping. May I always "get my hopes up" in YOU, oh God, because you know what is  best for me and because God, YOU ARE good.

May I continue to read or listen to Your Word/scriptures because it is the best medicine for my soul with endless stories or faith and encouragement from those who have suffered and succeeded.
May I surround myself with new believers and strong believers because their fire will help keep mine alive. And may I confess my apathy when it creeps up on me, so that you can MAKE ME WHOLE again.  May all who see me desire to praise You on earth! Amen.

AAA is a great tool for any issue or challanging circumstance. AWARENESS that there is an issue is key to healing; ACCEPTANCE: that we cannot change it and dealing w those frustrations or feelings about it is helpful in releasing it to God, even if we have to feel anger without hurting anyone.

Lastly, ACTION: there must be some action we will take to make the situation better. If apathy about career or a person is the issue, perhaps we will reach out and try something new instead of being paralyzed by fear. Sometimes that action is a simple prayer, sometimes it is a deicision to journal solutions, or at times, it is a small baby step action like a phone call or email to move forward


Do you believe that Apathy could be one of the greatest temptations? Love to hear what your experience has been. We can learn from each other.  
I am determined to love laugh and live for God! Pray with me and join me in this spiritual fight thru God's power. Your life is priceless my friend.  

Love, MIchelle Gold

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