It was so sad and startling watching the man haul off out the back door of Toys R Us w a shopping cart full of toys a few nights ago without paying in full. One young female clerk even ran out the door chasing the Man, completely unafraid.

Me? Every bit of New York in me froze in place like a statue, ready to fight but also on guard. Knowing at any moment, the man could come racing back into the store w a gun.  I began to pray knowing full well that my spiritual weapons are greater than any gun. (weapons of prayer and of the Ruach Ha Kodesh- the Holy Spirit)
Thankfully we all got home safely and nothing happened.

But I had a revelation while standing there in line to pay for Bella's new playmobil miniature doll pool. First I began to empathize with the family. I began to imagine the kids who had this man for a father and their sad feelings this season towards their Daddy.  I wondered, "would they receive their toys this Christmas with guilt and the knowledge of what happened?" or perhaps worse- maybe would they maybe be deceived into thinking their dad was an honest man when he is not?"

I pictured the wife feeling lonely & angry because (Im guessing it is also quite possibly this man who stole also neglects his family continuously). This kids' daddy is the type who either shows up late on the holidays after hanging out at the bar or maybe he even doesnt show up at all and sells those toys for his drug of choice. What pain this woman must feel.

Yet despite all our pain and sorows of this life, the Lord reminded me that we must never allow our spiritual goods to ever be stolen. Our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness and faithfulness are gifts and blessings from God no man should ever take away.

Would her husband's behavior (being far from Kosher) steal her happiness and hope this season? or worse- Would the enemy of this world steal her joy her hope- this season? Would she allow the enemy to steal her contentment and strength? I pray not.
Would or could a person's actions steal our joy? Yes, but NOT IF WE DONT LET IT. we choose to focus on God and on our relationship with HIm and on the people we love and the enemy's tactics fail.

Would this woman focus on God or on the anguish of her heart? Despite the madness and horrifying situation- that a man she once knew and loved has become a thief and has possibly disappointed her in every way, I decided to pray that she (and the women in this world who have been left alone and neglected) still stand victorious!!!.  I pray she knows (or you know, if you are struggling with this today) that she (you)  still belongs to the Lord and he rejoices over her (you). She is his bride, Gods city of delight.

Though the enemy try to slay us, we trust and  rest in His love and in the love of her families and friends who have been there for her embracing us thru it all. We are stronger than the enermy because greater is HE who lives in us than he that is in the world. We have a hope beyond all hopes and knowledge that God is with us and that God promises reverse the plans of the enemy and turn them into something beautiful for you and for me. (Romans 8:28)

So let's check in now within and ask ourselves if we are ready to fight to keep what we've got....Will the enemy of this world steal our joy and contentment this season? Can he get away w throwing our gifts and prized possessions in a cart and running off? Will he Pry open the back door of toys r U and leave you and me emptyhanded?

Contentment is mine and its yours! No man - no people places or things shall take it away and call it stolen goods. The treasures we have in God are yes, forever and Amen!  So if you see the enemy trying to run off with your goods today, get up in the spirit and take it back! You are worth it. You are a conquerer. The joy of the Lord is our strength and no one can take it away. We won't let him! Even Carole King knows that people will bring us down sometimes but that we cannot let them. Let's remember that we now have the contentment of the Lord that comes not from perishable things but from having a loving relationship w the father. That contentment and this promise of a beautiful future may never be stolen.

The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want. The Lord is my rock and my salvation of whom shall I be afriad?

Amen. Best wishes for a Happy New Year and New YOU, filled w the spirit, contentment, and love of the lord.


Ps- Make a decision to follow him today as your messiah and Lord if you have not done that yet and this contentment and assurance could be yours. It is the greatest gift! All my love, meesh


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