Mothers...just perfectly loving

This entry is in response to God's call for us women to be spiritual Moms

Dear Diary,

I’m not the perfect Mom & I often don’t want to lead or be a spiritual Mom even though you often call me to do so. I’m sometimes immature and crazy and I talk too much and interrupt too much. Plus, I don’t listen well and I’m a little bit of a troublemaker. (Not that Im trouble but Im loud and not always neat around the edges) All I got is tons of love to share.
But if we don’t lead and no one else does, those you have placed in our lives could be a spiritually mother-less group, not lead by anyone at all if no one leads. What is better, to be led by someone imperfect or to not be lead at all? There are so many who need someone to usher them into your presence and with whom to share and demonstrate your power. But must I be the one?
Some are led to lead and some, some are lead to follow and then over time it all changes. Ive never really liked being a leader at all. But a comforting thought… some leaders eventually follow again and some followers eventually lead. But despite what I want or don’t want, many are grateful for the women or men in their lives who have stepped up to the plate.
The Lord only knows where I would be without the women in my life who have mentored me. For because of those possibly initially unwilling leaders, I was loved, cared for and free to blossom and grow. Im a better woman today because of that little lady!
This leads me to realize that when we are called to lead, to mentor, we must GO no matter how imperfect we feel.
God knows our own Mothers are and were not perfect. God knows us Mothers are not perfect. Yet our children (both spiritual and biological) are becoming more and more beautiful each day inside and out. Our success is not in our ability to be perfect but instead in our perfectly loving and honest ways. With genuine Love and honesty, all things can become phenomenally awesome!
So then Mothers, let us embrace the call God has given us to lead our daughters. Even when our hearts and minds are weary, even when at times you may feel tortured, God’s supernatural love and strength are available to us. Let us seek then, not to be perfect but to be REAL and genuine, honestly loving, admitting our wrongs even to our children and loving our children and God’s children by God’s RUACH- his very breathe.
For such a time as this, we cannot resist. We have been chosen with fearless devotion, it’s the reason we exist…to love! To love is to listen without judging, to embrace and to smile, to care and show compassion. To Love others is to empower them.
 “Hineni Lord, Send me. May I be the one to bring someone back to life.”
I hope this diary entry inspired you in some way

Your sister in Yeshua,
michelle gold

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