Inside Out...Where R U on matters of the HEART?  

"For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." (The Bible, 1 Saumual 16:7b)

Waking up to the reality of the new week beginning after a long beautiful weekend, I once again CHECK IN at "the hotel called How's your heart?" It's a hotel I go to often but never quite often enough.  I must say everytime I check in there with the Lord and let him know how Im doing, I'm refreshed and my new perspective adds a little pep to my step. A new sense of mission and purpose fills me.

What's happening in my heart today is that I feel sad about the people I occasionally come accross who focus too much on outward appearance and not enough on matters of the heart. I humble myself remembering that I too have occassionally been distracted. When distracted, God has lead me back to righteous focus on becoming more like HIM on the inside where it counts the most. Focusing on outward appearance hurts the most- it leaves us feeling void and empty on the inside.

Yes, it matters what we wear and yes, religious customs are excellent ways to draw closer to Hashem. And yes, those outward things/customs we do and say can even be a testimony to not-yet believers who are seeking. But WOH THERE PARTNER! H.A.L.T! I mean, spiritually speaking: Dont get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired  or all that outward stuff you are doing will be COMPLETELY and utterly meaningless in the heavenlies and for you and me personally.

We need to be very careful. Outward stuff- the clothes we wear, the customs, the traditions can be very awesome. But let's check in with the Lord today.  Are we DRAWING NEAR TO THE LORD in our daily lives in prayer or just going through the motions at our congregation and feeling lonely? Are we hungering after being more LIKE HIM IN CHARACTER or hungering to show or get more stuff? Are we allowing the Lord to AWAKEN AND REVIVE US from our occassional spiritual slumber through reading His Word and fellowship with believers or are we tired? Are we being refereshed in His presence or stressed by anger?

WARNING: We need His Ruach Ha Kodesh, His Holy Spirit to have a heart truly like the Lord's. Drawing close to God and becoming more like Him might only require a first effortless baby step. But to go deeper in the Lord, shedding our love for outward appearances & material things, often it is not by might nor by our power but by His Spirit.

Possible Prayer of Response:
Abba father, Remove all distractions and purify my heart today with the desire for the heavenly prize and not earthly stuff. I am checking in with you today on matters of my heart. Fill me with your power and presence so that I will not be spiritually Hungry, Angry, lonely or tired. With a heart like yours, I know I will be able to make an impact and a difference. Amen.

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