I'll probably lose fans over this but... I'm Jewish, I Love Yeshua, and I Love Christmas!

I'd like to share a letter I wrote to a dear friend recently because I recently recorded my very first holiday song and I have no regrets. I hope you still Love  me if you disagree. Much Love and blessings! Meesh


Dear anonymous,

Thank you for checking out the words to my new song, co-written with Lorraine Ferro. As for this song, I guess we can say we agree to disagree about (it's not wrong) singing about the season and using seasonal - even Christmas-y words to win the lost. Joe wouldn’t mind talking about the biblical reasons which inspired us on this sometime if you like because we feel it’s going to make a huge impact. 

I DID heed your advice as much as possible and thank you for reminding me to keep in mind my Jewish people as I co-write lyrics.  I did re-write a few terms and words to make it more Messianic because of your input. However, I think many souls will be saved even with mention of an "evergreen" and that "Bethlehem Star." (So this I did not change)

*My response can mostly be summed up in the article I have attached below with scriptures discussing both sides of the argument. Plus Romans 14

For my personal conviction, because He is very real to me and on the throne of my heart, delivering me from so much of my past and pain, I believe in celebrating the birth of Messiah on Christmas Day and every day, even though it IS probably the wrong day- no one knows the exact day.(Many Jewish scholars have discovered that due to weather and other conditions, it is quite likely Messiah was born on Sukkot, the Feast of First Fruits or during the Fall)  The Word has shown me that the tree is a reminder that He died on a tree, nothing more. And the lights remind me He is the true light. 

As for the past and paganism, countless objects and many American terms (even the days of the week) used to be pagan. Many of the melodies from the greatest God glorifying hymns in the hymnal used to be BAR SONGS! Some church buildings used to be bars or clubs.  I believe that the Bible teaches us to take what the devil meant for evil and use it for God’s glory. Above Him there is no other idol or anything else. 

Thats my "two shekels" (my two cents so to speak). Again, I guess we will discuss this one over Cawfee sometime. I Love   you dearly and hope we can agree to disagree since we agree on SO MUCH MORE. :-) 

We will see you soon and I so look forward to celebrating with you and to sharing my Prayer song you so enjoyed. ) Joe and I have been extremely blessed by you. We appreciate how REAL you are. You guys are the real deal in Messiah! 

*BALANCED ARTICLE w/ scriptures here:

Great article about Christmas!

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