As a Messianic Recording Artist, I have the honor and privilege of ministering in concert at churches and congregations in hundreds of cities throughout the US and Europe. I've had the AWESOME opportunity to see 
believers join together in God's presence and I've seen that there is nothing greater in this world!

Joining together in unity and in God's presence with other believers, for me, is more up-lifting than any work out at the gym, more refreshing than any spa and more reassuring & restful than any mysterious remedies the world has to offer. It's the corner of the boxing ring where we get strengthened to get back out there in the ring and fight! Except for one teeny tiny problem that could hinder this entire privilege from the Lord... most church goers are mothers and many have small toddlers and children under the age of 6, or with special needs,  who are not able to sit still for over an hour.

My heart has been personally broken countless times where I have attended service only to end up sitting in a room down the hall alone with my child. Or many times, my husband has been kind to do so and we miss the reason we came there- we miss it all. We miss God's presence, a great message, a warm hug from a fellow believer and wonder how it would have been different if we had stayed home and watched on the internet. Many Jewish holidays were ruined for me because my children were needing to get up and move around. The worst thing, I hate giving my children electronics for more than 30 minutes yet aside
from the use of ipads or electronics, many children still need to get up and move.

I speak to all the Rabbis and Pastors today now when I say I LOVE YOU DEARLY and praise God for you every day. Your position, to bring hope and healing, is the most important position in the world as far I'm concerned. Your calling is to share the message of salvation and empower the sheep of your pasture for good works. 

And so I ask you this...since many of the sheep are women, is it possible that by not having childcare, we are inadvertently robbing Mothers of small children from being restored, uplifted and empowered in their calling? And by not having childcare or services for the children could we be missing our calling to minister to the next generation?  (I've had horrible experiences with my child being asked to sit at a "table in the back of the sanctuary" and my child getting a dirty look for making a tiny sound. Yeshua  said "... “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Moms are doing our best at this. We are leading our children to the Lord at home and drawing them close to Him by example and by teaching. But when we get to service, I urge you to agree with me that this time needs to be Mom's time for renewal so we are able to go back and feed our baby birds. It is especially difficult to worship the Lord during the music service with an adorable but naturally excited energizer bunny sitting next to you! (Sure, some Moms wants their children under 6 years old sitting next to them during the worship, however, if you look around, you will find many Moms and children tired and distracted) This need for Moms is a great need & void I see in the body of believers today. The enemy is winning if he can successfully wipe out the Moms who have raised us.

And worst of all, my husband and I have missed countless married couples nights because no one considered hiring an older responsible teenager to sit in the next room with them so my husband and I can be drawn closer together and to the Lord. So that means all Jewish holiday services, all couples fellowships, and most small group services (except for the one we run at our house) have been a loss for us and for most families with small children. 

In conclusion, first, I would like to THANK all the congregations out there who have made children their priority. By blessing the children, you have allowed my husband and me to be all that we can be. You have successfully revived us so that when we travel and when I sing and when I write my book, I have all the spiritual energy the world. 

Second, my heart cries out for all the Moms today who do not have childcare or Shabbat School at their places of worship. Since the majority of Americans are single Moms, I dream of a day when women are released to assist as ushers, music leaders, teachers, intercessory prayer workers at the altar for praying over the sick and the hurting. I dream of a day when Moms will be allowed to worship freely all over the world.

If the YMCA knows Moms need childcare for working out the body, HOW MUCH MORE is it time for  the church to provide Moms an opportunity to "work out" their spirits uninterrupted? 

I long for a day when in the body of Messiah,  Mothers and children become a  priority so we may serve our husbands and church families and again, so we may be refreshed.  I cannot wait to see a day when mothers with gifts and talents can share all that they have to offer because a responsible childcare worker is being paid for or bartering for their time. 
Perhaps one day, there can be a 2nd offering at church or a giving jar next to the nursery just for the children's teachers who are raising them up to be 
the women and men of God our society will depend on one day. 

Let's pray and get this conversation started so we can help our pastors and Rabbis and leaders to make this happen. We are the future.

All my love, 
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