FIRE FIRE! When friends believe in you...

A sweet little story I shared with my Bella last night (age 5) when I thought I smelled burning somewhere in the house. All was fine and safe, just my imaginiation this time. But years ago in 2005 when touring on the Liberated Wailing Wall, because my friend Stephanie believed in me and my ability to sense things, Stephanie and I prevented what would have been a very big fire on the tour bus.

It was around midnight and I said, "Hey Steph, I smell burning." She could have ignored me and went to bed. Most of the others were exhausted from our greuling schedule and asked me to alert them if my investigation got serious. But Steph went the extra mile that day. Not to say the others did not. Each tour member was amazingly smart and wonderful. Just happened to be that this particular night, ONE PERSON BELIEVED IN ME AND IN MY KEEN SENSE OF SMELL. Her belief in me or the Lord in me, saved the day.

Steph encouraged me saying things like, "let's not go to sleep until we find this fire." She made me wanna keep trusting and keep persisting. I needed her by my side to push me. I might have given up thinking I was crazy if not for her strength.

A half hour later, after sniffing everything on the bus from cabinets to bathrooms to couches to door cracks, we finally found what would be a fire about to begin. There was a stove we had shut off for what felt like millions of months and unplugged because we needed room for a printer (where we placed a rubber mat underneath to prevent falling on moving bus).

Perhaps this was one of my not so brilliant ideas but there was no other place for it really. Well, unbeknownst to us, he workers who cleaned the bus during break had turned the stove back on and we had no idea!!!!! PHEW! We grabbed that burned up rubber mat and together, at the risk of sounded trite, WE SAVED THE DAY!!!! hee hee.

And here was my lesson for Bella and a sweet reminder to me: Everyone needs a friend like Stephanie who says, "Yes, let's do this!"someone sho seems to say, you are not crazy. THANK GOD FOR AWESOME FRIENDS WHO STRENGTHEN US. And no! we "Shalt" never put a printer on top of a non working stove ever again! It's one of my top 10 commandmants of life. LOL
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Love you no matter what!


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