What would this be like: LIFE WITHOUT LIGHT?

This morning I read to my daugter from that sobering story in scripture about the the virgins who FORGOT? MESSED UP? COULD NOT AFFORD? LOST? their OIL!!!!

I mean like HALF of them got turned away. The Lord in His story of warning actually CLOSES THE DOOR ON THEM as they YELL SIR! SIR! CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SHAME, the ANGUISH, THE HEARTACHE? The REGRET? A horrible thought to me came to mind as someone who is pretty forgetful and often unprepared for the mundane things of life. What if I were one those 5 "foolish" or stupid or whatever galz! Heck no! God forbid, NOT ME!!!

I'll let this story be a reminder: NOTES: TO DO: Michelle Gold: REMEMBER YOUR OIL on your journies of life. The oil of God's Holy Spirit applied to my heart and mind whenever and wherever I GO and especially when I am at home and no one is there to judge me but God. Anyway- like the song, "Oh when the saints go marching in," Oh Lord, I DO wish to be in that number when the believers (saints) go marching in! I plan on doing a little Bible study tonight on Oil and Light and how to get it and how to lose it, etc.

Meanwhile, I reflect on my Jewishness and how what I learned growing up about God's miracle of lights on Chanukah can take me deeper and closer to God and take on new meaning. AND CHECK THIS OUT! Im so excited to have a revelation question- a question I believe God wants us all to ask Him today.

"How did the virgins without oil/light get turned away from God and yet the army of Jewish Macabees who had only a bit of oil  pleased the living God so much that He multiplied it?

OOOOOOH! It Makes me wonder. Did these Virgins cause their own mishegas? Were they regular Jezebels to begin with? Did they maybe take the groom (the light of the world) for granted saying to themselves- I dont need to prepare or serve my life long partner? Where was their heart? What did the Macabees think or feel towards God that made them acceptable and pleasing in God's sight SO MUCH that He multiplied that oil and lit up their lives and their futures so much that we celebrate and rededicate today?

I wonder..... Let us ask the Lord today for this revelation. Abba Father: I want more of you in my life. I need your oil and Lord, if I ever fall short, please multiply my oil and the light in my life because I seek to draw close to you. amen.

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