I had a TOTAL Epiphany this morning!!!!

Reading into the "signs" in our lives can be helpful sometimes. But we must hold God's ideas from His Word higher than any signs.
Meaning- we could google what God's word (The Bible) says on that topic in His Word first.

Otherwise, if we read the signs without knowing God's truth, we run into the danger of OVERTHINKING, WRONG THINKING & being MISLED by our own inferior ideas.
We risk missing God's Will (His will for us NOT to try and Be God & leaders of our own lives). If we do the former thing, we will find peace.

What questions do you have for the Lord about your life and where you are going? "Google" search his Word. This is my challange for the New Year.

Lord, I am so sorry for allowing my mind to run rampant, obsessing about things without need to do so. Help me to let Go and Let YOU be in charge. How important is this decision or idea I have anyway? If it's that important, I know you will guide me. Help me have patience as I wait for the answer and to keep busy helping those in need as I wait so as not to waste away in my thoughts. I surrender to you everything I am and everything I want to become. You are the best leader this universe has ever known- perect and unfailing in your love, merciful to save, awesome in love.

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