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Shalom! Michelle Gold here! There's this phenomenal way that you and I can do something great together to make a difference!

By giving, you are equipping me to go out and share my faith with non believers through music, the preached Word and weekly Bible study outreach.

WIll you prayerfully consider partnering with this ministry? There's two ways to give:

one time gift - Or - monthly

No matter what you give or do not give, I value your friendship & your prayers! Thank you! -Michelle Gold

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ALBUM COMPLETED!!!! GOAL COMPLETED! TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED = Approx. $10,000 (Thanks to supporters & prayer warriors like you we sent 400 CDs to the lost sheep of Israel this year!*


ONE: The One 4 One Campeign.  $1 sent to our ministry will cover the cost of shipping of 1 CD to one non believing Jewish person via the hands of trusted outreach workers. 
(Goal: Raising: $400 to ship 400 CDs w a life changing message)

TWO: The Finding Gold Campeign: WANTED! friends who will help me produce & send my e-book including my story of how I found salvation thru Yeshua. Love to make this FREE for non believers.
(Goal: Cost of Editing and Formatting approx $550)

BECOME A GOLD PARTNER THIS PAGE  Monthly and or One Time Gift Options available

*(Esstimated amount covered all vocal, music recordings, photography, design and shipping of shipping 400 FREE copies to Israel, NY and throughout the country)
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1. a full digital download of album upon release date
2. YOUR NAME or a loved ones name of choice in the CD liner notes
3. receive behind the scenes videos or audio files of songs still in the making from the studio

Giving $1000 & up:

Special Shabbat Dinner planned for you and your family (up to 10 people) and I'll include a mini concert for you of a few of my latest songs in my living room
(cost of trip to FL, not included)

About My Up & Coming Music Project


To spread a contagious passion for Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) to every nation, to the Jew first and also to the gentile.
My husband, minister Joe Franco & I do this through the preached word and through song.


To Create an album or EP of anywhere from five to seven songs. The dynamic and compelling lyrics will focus on sharing the good news of hope & healing through Yeshua

When prodcution is completed, I'll be able to take the background music and sing/minister everywhere and anywhere from cafes to churches to boardwalks, sharing the good news of Messiah locally and throughout the U.S without putting a burden on the venue to hire a full band & allowing me to minister to the poor or even at neighborhood outreaches. I'll be sending hundreds of  copies of this music to soldiers in the Israeli Army and to various charities. I'll also be selling some copies to further support our ministry, allowing Joe & I to continue sharing this awesome message!


"But how can they call on someone if they haven’t trusted in him? And how can they trust in someone if they haven’t heard about him? And how can they hear about someone if no one is proclaiming him? And how can people proclaim him unless God sends them? — as the Tanakh (Jewish Scriptures) puts it, “
How beautiful are the feet of those announcing good news about good things!" (Romans 10:14 & 15)

If you feel lead to give a gift to to our general support fund rather than to the album project above, please let me know with a quick email or note.
Thank you so much again
for your love & support!

-Michelle Gold

Give By Mail

Michelle Gold & Joe Franco
Shalom Revolution
PO Box 3903
Boynton Beach, FL 33424

Please make your checks payable to: Shalom Revolution. Thank you! We appreciate your prayers and your support!

For individuals outside of the United States, to make a donation, please click here. Please note that this will not be a non tax-deductible donation.
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