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Full of charisma, off-the-wall energy, and passion, Michelle Gold is a singer/songwriter who is a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew).

She has opened up for such legendary singers as Gladys Knight and Integrity Records Recording Artist and Worship Leader Paul Wilbur. She has also sung alongside great  Messianic recording artists like Marty Goetz, Ted Pearce, & Jonathan Settel.

"Celine Dion & Beyonce' meet Yeshua (Jesus) in Jerusalem" is a great way to describe Michelle Gold's music. Her vision is to spread a contagious passion for Yeshua in the hearts of all people of every nation.

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GOLD/SID ROTH INTERVIEW...Available Now to watch at my michellegold.com website! 

Break out the coffee! My interview & story, which was aired Nationally on TV this past Monday, will also be re-aired this season and is NOW RIGHT HERE AT MY HOMEPAGE (scroll up a little to find) for your convenient viewing anytime!!! May you be inspired to GO and bring peace & healing to those you meet through your love and the gifts you possess. Blessings! michelle

BEGINNING THIS SUNDAY ON TV & ONLINE... Enjoy sharing the story of how "Gold" found God 

Hurray hurray! This is the week!
Beginning THIS MONDAY on multiple major television networks: my story of how I like to say "Gold" found God and God found "Gold" will air. 
Choose your favorite way to watch & share
Airing this Monday & all this week (From TBN to Daystar to CTN to sky angel) You Choose & Add to your Cal:  http://sidroth.org/television/find-station
Airing THIS SUNDAY, online at www.SidRoth.org by choosing "Television" in the menu
AIRING ON DISCOVERY, just one time, next Wednesday, Dec 10th
Pass it on to share the joy if you wish!

Have a happy thanksgiving one more time! And Let us celebrate the spiritual harvest and blessings we have received by faith  in the One who is able to satisfy the desires of every living thing! Every gift is from above.

Your sister and friend, michelle gold

CELEBRATE 19 YEARS OF MINISTRY W ME...GOLD on Discovery Channel Dec 1-10! 

Coming soon.....FIRST TWO WEEKS OF DECEMBER 2014, for the first time in 19 years of ministry, I'll have the honor of sharing not only my story but my voice and music with the world on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL! (also to air on TBN, Sky Angel and other networks) This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to share with so many people what great miracles the Lord has done in my life. Come celebrate with me by watching & praying I can make even more of a difference than ever in my life.

1. GOTO http://sidroth.org/television/weeks-guest   DISCOVERY AIR DATE WILL BE WED. DEC 10 @ 8:30AM
2. CHOOSE YOUR DAY & TIME (many choices for days and times)

Blessings! Hope to see you real soon!
your servant in Messiah, michelle gold


Wanna discover "gold" with me on the Sid Roth TV show this holiday season? By Discovering Gold I mean, watch me share about how I discovered the gift of SALVATION which is greater than gold on LIVE TV, DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!!! Please pray for God's presence on the day of filming next Thursday. Air dates to be announced.


100% I stand with Israel. That's why when Shoresh David Congregation asked me to come out and represent, the Lord lead me to go out with Bells on! LOL
I hear a song coming on..."michelle my bell!" Anywho- here's the article in the Messianic Times.
I was humbled and excited to be a part of it. Most fun singing & ministering I've ever had! Messianic Times Article Here

400 COPIES OF "WHO WILL GO?" put into hands of outreach workers in Israel 

As of late Summertime, I cant beleive the excitement I feel in my heart as I announce to you that because of your PRAYERS AND GIFTS,
400 COPIES of "Who Will Go?" Album and Outreach project have been officially shipped to missionaries/outreach workers in Israrel* as a way of sharing the message of Messiah to the lost sheep of Israel.

Praying for a fruitful response and so far, I have heard powerful testimony from one missionary who is giving the music to Holocaust Survivors open to hearing about their Jewish Messiah! He called the CD "an amazing spirit-filled tool" PRAISE YESHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*also given to one very powerful ministry to in FL and one incredible ministry in NYC who had originally mentored me as well!

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